Plaza Nawalli

Welcome to a special corner in the heart of Sayulita

Where tradition meets modernity in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Plaza Nawalli, located just a few blocks from the town center, is the perfect place to enjoy a unique experience that combines local cuisine, shopping and entertainment in a single charming space.


Plaza Nawalli is the gastronomic destination par excellence in Sayulita. Here you will find a small variety of restaurants offering culinary delights that satisfy all palates. Whether you want to savor the most organic prepared breakfast, smoothies, and variety of coffees. A healthy option of frozen yogurt or indulge in creamy hand rolled ice cream tacos, or unwind after a long day with a signature cocktail at Stogies Lounge Bar with a mixologist who will prepare the best cocktails in Sayulita.


Explore our local and boutique stores to discover a unique selection of local products, crafts and fashion. From artisanal jewelry to stylish beachwear and authentic Sayulita souvenirs, our local businesses offer treasures you won't find anywhere else. Stroll through the halls and be carried away by the creativity and talent of local artists and craftsmen.


What makes Plaza Nawalli truly special is its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy the sea breeze and the shade of the trees while relaxing with friends and family. Our architectural design is inspired by the cultural richness of Sayulita and creates a charming environment that invites you to linger and enjoy every moment.